• Subject: On Line sales in Amazon

    Subject: On Line sales in Amazon

    Subject: On Line sales in Amazon Ningbo Yongsheng Brush Co., Ltd. -one of leading professional hair brush manufactories in China. Amazon-one of the world’s largest online merchandise retailers. Since 2018,our company has carried out cross-border e-commerce sales of Amazon and used its own forei...
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  • Subject: New material-Bamboo Fiber brush/Straw Brush

    Subject: New material-Bamboo Fiber brush/Straw Brush

    Subject: New material-Bamboo Fiber brush/Straw Brush No plastic, no wood, no metal. Ningbo Yongsheng Brush Co., Ltd. has successfully applied a new material – Biomass composite material. It’s a new type of resistant material which is composed of macromolecular material and biomass materia...
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  • Subject: Approaching Artificial Intelligence(AI) 

    Subject: Approaching Artificial Intelligence(AI) 

    Subject: Approaching Artificial Intelligence (AI) YES,AI is approaching ! Due to the difficulty in recruiting worker, particularly the impact of the epidemic in 2020.Ningbo Yongsheng Brush Co., Ltd. had made great efforts to develop AI technology into mass production. Nowadays, most of the inje...
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  • This Underrated Product Is Absolutely Crucial for Soft, Healthy Hair

    As much as we’d love to streamline our haircare routine with kitchen-found treasures like a fork (Sorry, Ariel), shopping for the best hairbrush to suit your hair type, texture, length, and styling preferences is far from uncomplicated. The brush you use to detangle snarls or distribute con...
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  • The Best Hair Brushes for Styling Your Mane

    Everyone needs a good hair brush. Whether it’s getting some knots out or just giving your hair some extra shape, they’re a versatile tool that’s essential to looking one’s best. Of course, if you’re on the hunt for a new one, then you’ll want to make sure you get one that’s well made and will las...
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  • These 6 expert hair hacks will *instantly* add volume and thickness to your hair

    Whether you’re seeking to emulate a Sixties bouffant, amp the ante on a classic updo or simply create some tousled movement throughout lengths, voluminous hair never goes out of style. But if you were born with fine hair, or your hair has become thinner over the years, achieving the volume ...
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