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How to clean the hair above the curly hair comb?

Release date:2023-04-25 19:34:56
1. First, prepare a toothpick, a water cup, and an unwanted toothbrush.
2. Use a toothpick to pick out the hair curled in the comb along the lines of the comb.
3. Fill the prepared glass with warm water (water that is not over the comb). Then add a little shampoo to the water.
4. Put the cleaned curly hair comb into the water, gently stir until the shampoo is fully dissolved, and then put the comb in the water for about five minutes.
5. After five minutes, take the comb out of the cup. Use a prepared toothbrush to brush lightly along the lines of the comb.

6, scrub clean, and finally rinse with water. The hair comb after cleaning is clean and fragrant.

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